Enterprise Security

In today’s data-driven, highly distributed world enterprises need to address the ever-increasing security threats by adopting advanced technologies that power cyber-security and provide an unprecedented level of sophisticated response to any.

The evolving digital economy made its imperative for enterprises to develop new business models by embedding software in products. But, the relentless and multiplying of security threat around the world is influencing enterprises to concern about information security. Adding to this, the increasing transaction of data from in-house traditional servers to hybrid infrastructures in the cloud is further increasing the security risk.

ACME Technologies delivers real-time defenses, integrated system of analytics and proven expertise to help the enterprises to help you address the ever-increasing corporate spying and digital theft. Our security engineers always strive to predict the security threats with the 360° correlation analytics across the network.

We, at ACME, create and apply adaptive avant-grade security architectures and unify security and compliance on-premises and off-premises to fortify your business critical information’s confidentiality, availability and integrity.